Service Operator

The Project has set up a pre-qualification mechanism for interested NGOs and social enterprises. Interested NGOs and social enterprises can apply to become pre-qualified operators. Continue reading
To become a pre-qualified operator, NGOs and social enterprises must embrace the project idea, having been set up for at least 2 years, and satisfy the below two conditions:

The first condition:

  • Member agency of The Community Chest of Hong Kong; OR
  • Agency members of the HKCSS; OR
  • Social Enterprises registered in Social Enterprise Directory published by the Social Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC) of the HKCSS.

The second condition:

  • Have experience in operating social housing (private housing, hostels and residential care homes etc.) ; OR
  • Experience in advocating social housing, and have a capacity to operate and manage social housing and community services; OR
  • Experience in community work i.e. with sufficient community supports/service network in the service district to operate social housing; OR
  • ave related service experience that testifies its ability operating the social housing.

The Working Group on Social Housing Operation and Services for Community Housing Movement is responsible for reviewing applications to become pre-qualified service operators on a regular basis. Once applicants obtain the pre-qualified status, they can submit proposals to run social housing upon in response to the call for proposal issued by HKCSS. The pre-qualified service operators can find more details of the proposal invitation in this website or via email.

Responsibilities of Service Operators

  • Manage daily operation of each housing unit, and keep units and facilities in good condition;
  • Handle the leasing matters of the co-living flats (e.g. rent payment, general inquiries of the tenants and handling of tenant conflicts);
  • Provide community-based social services, and work with tenants to develop their capacity for living independently in the community in the future;
  • Establish the house rules with tenants, and ensure that the tenants follow the rules;
  • Meet the key performance indicators stated in the proposal;
  • Work jointly with the HKCSS to promote the concepts of social housing and co-living in Hong Kong;
  • Conduct regular meetings with the HKCSS and share important information such as the occupancy rate and the latest situation of tenant households;

Relationship with the CHM

  • Abide by the Publicity Guidelines under Community Housing Movement (For example, use the CHM logo in printed materials, inform the HKCSS when organizing any media events etc) ;
  • Share the tenant recruitment materials with HKCSS (such as the application form);
  • Join the social impact assessment study of CHM;
  • Report the occupancy condition of tenants to HKCSS ;
  • Meet the key performance indicators agreed in the proposals;
  • Conduct regular meetings with the HKCSS e.g. half-yearly;
  • Sign the service agreement with the HKCSS, and observe all the covenants, terms and conditions in the agreement ;
  • Pay monthly rental fee to the Council according to the rental policy in the service agreement;
  • Pay 1 month deposit to the Council, refundable upon fulfillment of the service agreement at contract end

Pre-qualification Application Form

NGOs and social enterprises must first obtain prequalification to become eligible social housing operators under this project. Working Group on Social Housing Operation and Services for Community Housing Movement is responsible for identifying pre-qualified service operators. Once applicants become qualified operators, they can then submit proposals to run social housing in the future in response to the call for proposal issued by HKCSS. Interested NGOs and social enterprises can complete this form. (*All data collected is for application to this Project and communications purposes only)

Part 1
Information of Contact Person
Part 2
Part 3
  1. Pre-qualified operators may be asked to provide relevant supporting documents to HKCSS if required / when requested.
  2. The working group will keep on monitoring the pre-qualified operators’ performance. Underperforming operators may have their ‘qualified’ status remove if necessary.

Qualified Service Operators

The Salvation Army
Hong Kong Christian Service
The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong
Good House
J Life Foundation
Christian Action
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited
Society for Community Organization
St. James’ Settlement
Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service
HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre
Hong Kong Christian Mutual Improvement Society
Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service
Lok Sin Tong
Caritas Wong Yiu Nam Centre
Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
Yan Oi Tong
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Asbury Methodist Social Service
Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong
Christian Concern for the Homeless Association
South Kwai Chung Service Centre
Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS
Kwai Tsing Safe Community and Healthy City Association
Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong
Yuen Long Church Chow Sung Chu Oi Youth Centre
Hong Kong Student Aid Society Limited
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
The ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association
Pok Oi Hospital
Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service