Property Owners

We are looking for owners to lease their units to Community Housing Movement at substantially-lower-than-market rent. The Project will turn the private flats into social housing by conducting minor renovation works and letting recognized service operator to recruit tenants later on. Continue reading

Owners is a key stakeholder to contribute to the Project. The project will be continuously improved and refined as the project team gains understanding of the owners’ incentives to participate in this project.

Unit eligibility:

  • No violation of Buildings Ordinance
  • Availability for a tendency period of no less than 2 years

Step-by-step guide for individual owners’s participation:

  • Owner provides basic information to HKCSS though phone or online form
  • After preliminary eligibility screening, owners will be contacted by the Project team, in order to arrange site visit(s) to the unit(s)
  • During the site visit(s), the condition of unit(s) will be inspected, and owners’ expectations with regard to taking part in the Project will be gauged
  • After the site visit(s), owners may be asked to provide further necessary information such as land records, UBW, bank mortgage, and so on to the Project team. The owner will be informed whether the unit(s) will be accepted to the Project and later enlisted for NGOs’ selection
  • Suitable unit(s) under selection by NGOs. NGO(s) may conduct site visit(s) to the unit(s).
  • When a unit is chosen by an NGO, simple renovation works will be arranged for the unit.
  • HKCSS, the owner, and the NGO will sign a provisional agreement before renovation works start.
  • Renovation works start
  • NGO recruits tenants
  • Renovation works finish, tenants move in

Application form of property owner

If any property owners would like to take part in this Project, please fill out the below application form. (*All data collected is for application to this Project and communications purposes only)

Personal Information
Unit Information (*parts that must be filled in)

Personal Information Collection Statement

HKCSS will handle all collected personal data (the “Data”) carefully. The Data provided in this form will be used for the sole operation of this Project only. Also as part of the operation of this Project, we may share the Data with third part-y(/-ies) such as the operating NGO(s). Persons who would like to request access to Data or correction of Data should submit all such requests in written format to the Project team at: Room 505, 5/F., Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong