About us


Community Housing Movement is a social movement launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service with the joint efforts of The Community Chest of Hong Kong, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund), landlords, and NGOs/social enterprises, supported by the Government. Its objective is, through the provision of transitional accommodation and support services, to provide a short-term relief for individuals or families with proven need of transitional housing (e.g. in queue for Public Rental Housing (PRH) for not less than 3 years; those with other long-term housing arrangement); low income households currently living in dismal and inadequate housing conditions; and households in urgent need of community support. In addition to the provision of transitional accommodation, qualified NGOs or SEs could become service operators to provide community-based social services and work with tenants to develop their capacity for living independently in the community after the service.

Community Housing Movement obtains a funding support from The Community Chest of Hong Kong for housing renovation and social service. With SIE Fund, The Community Chest of Hong Kong supports the Hong Kong Council of Social Service as an intermediary to manage the Project. The Project is formally launched on 19th September 2017.  The funding support has ended at the end of September of 2020, while more than 500 units of transitional social housing have been provided within this 3 years.

From now on, Community Housing Movement will be run on a self-financed mode. It will continuously support the existing households whom tenancies has not yet expired. Meanwhile, except large-scale project and the T-Home: Letting Scheme for Subsidized Sale Developments with Premium Unpaid under the Hong Kong Housing Society, the Council has stopped other application at the end of September of 2020.